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400 girls from underprivileged community in North East Delhi were awarded vouchers worth upto Rs. 3700 per year
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Joint Initiative of School Choice Campaign and www.schooladmissions.in
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School Choice : Frequently Asked Questions

button  What is School Choice?

Every parent wants to provide their child with everything within their means that will ensure a bright future. School choice means that parents' should be able to choose the schooling they think is right for their child.

Education vouchers, cash stipends, tax exemptions for education and reforms in government schools funding are instruments which government can use to increase school choice for parents.

Today school choice exists for rich and middle class parents who have a variety of private schools they can send their children to. Parents with low incomes are also making large investments in their children's future. Some low income parents spend upto 50% of their income on the education of their children.

However there are still poorer parents who, in spite of their aspirations, cannot afford to choose the best education that their child can get. These parents are forced to send their children to government schools.

Parental choice can help make government schools more accountable and efficient, by allowing parents to make the most basic decision about which school their children will go to. This is the best way of achieving the twin goals of delivering the child's right to education (now enshrined in the constitution), and the parents' right to choose what is best for their child.

button What are school vouchers?

button How can a non-school choice system be changed to a school choice system smoothly?

button Is it anti-government schools ? Is it privatization of education that is anti-poor?

button Are vouchers just about choice?

button Will School Choice burden the government funds?

button What is a cash stipend?

button What is a tax exemption for education?

button What is a budget private school?

button Are there any private budget schools in rural India?

button How can private schools afford to be budget schools?

button What about the performance of teachers in budget schools?

button Why parents choose budget schools over free government schools?

button What kind of a licensing system are we talking about?

button How Delhi got rid of the Essentiality Certificate?

button What reforms in government schools will increase parental school choice?

button Case for Child-based funding



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