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NGO takes nursery battle to court

Hindustan Times, 18 December 2007

The Centre for Civil Society (CCS) has filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court to ensure that all schools comply with the guidelines framed by the Delhi Government for admission to nursery. The case will come up for hearing on Thursday.

"After we launched the helpline, we have been besieged with mails and calls from harassed parents to do something about erring schools," said Parth Shah, national campaign coordinator, CCS.

The PIL states that all schools which come out with a list, should also display the breakup of the total points for every selected child. Moreover, action should be taken against any school which violates the guidelines and provides admission on any undisclosed grounds.

"A list of such schools should also be publicized so that the admission process becomes more transparent," said Shah.

Parents have welcomed the move. "I know that such steps might not help parents like me, who are applying for this session. But if the guidelines are strengthened and strictly implemented from next year, parents will be very happy," said Shilpi Jain, parent.

Directorate remains inactive

The PIL also asks that the Directorate of Education develop channels such as a hotline or a website to receive complaints from parents against schools.

"The Education department has no teeth. Despite so many complaints they have not taken any action against schools. Amity Saket and DPS International have announced list of selected children. But we still do not know what the point system is for these schools," said Sanjay Singh (name changed), parent.

Read the story in Hindustan Times



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