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The Right to Education Act: Revolutionary, Redundant, or Regressive?
Conference Photographs
SCNC 2010 Event Photographs

Featured Session Speakers
Amitav Virmani
Baela Raza Jamil
Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
Amitav Virmani Baela Raza Jamil Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
Gowri Ishwaran
Manish Sabharwal
Manish Sabharwal
Gowri Ishwaran Kiran Bhatty K Satyanarayan
Manish Sabharwal
Parth J Shah
Manish Sabharwal Monica Grazia Boni Parth J Shah
Sitanshu Sekhar Jena
Sitanshu Sekhar Jena
Pradeep Sharma Premila Nazareth Sitanshu Sekhar Jena
T K Mathew
Urmila Sarkar
Vinod Raina
T K Mathew Urmila Sarkar Vinod Raina
Yamini Aiyar
Yamini Aiyar    
School Choice National Conference 2010 report

Speaker's Presentations
Interviews with Speakers

During SCNC 2010, School Choice Campaign team had interviewed some of the speakers. In these interviews, SCC team had asked questions related to RTE, budget private schools, quality of education and so on. To view these interviews please visit our Video page. Every week you will be able to watch a new video.

Media Coverage
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