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March 2010 Dialogue

Panel Discussion on Implementing the 25% in RTE Act: Developing a Model

Dialogue Series on Quality Education for All
School Choice Campaign and India Habitat Centre

invites you to an

Open Forum Discussion on

Implementing the 25% in RTE Act: Developing a Model
Thursday, 11 March 2010 | 6 - 8 PM
Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

About The School Choice Campaign
School Choice Campaign (SCC) advocates policy reform ideas to improve quality and access to education especially for the poor. STUDENT FIRST! Dialogue Series on Quality Education for All is a monthly forum for debate in collaboration with India Habitat Centre by the nation’s foremost experts on national education policies and solutions to problems of quality in the education sector.

India Habitat Centre
To confirm participation:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +91-9953059097

The first Student First! Dialogue Series of 2010 organised on 11 March 2010 at the India Habitat Centre started with an open forum discussion on Implementing the 25% in the RTE Act 2009: Developing a Model.  Mr Jan SJ Rao, Associate Director, School Choice Campaign chaired the program which saw the active participation of over 50 participants from various sectors- NGOs, educationists, civil society, parliamentarians, economists, corporates, parents and the youth.

The discussion addressed some critical questions that’s needs to be answered systematically and comprehensively for this idea of the RTE Act to work well- definition of weaker and disadvantaged sections, selection of beneficiaries, admission criteria and process, mechanisms for reimbursements, monitoring of the project were the highlights of the discussion.

Suggestions, ideas and feedback arising from the program coupled with consultations and workshops with various stakeholders in the coming days will be used to develop the model further. The final implementation model for the 25% reservation in private schools and CCS legislative analysis of the RTE Model Rules will be presented to MHRD and various State governments.

For further details visit  www.righttoeducation.in.

SCC Team at Registration Desk

Parth J Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society with Debashish Mitter, NSDF and other

J S Rao, Associate Director, School Choice Campaign initiating the discussion

Satyam Darmora, Micheal and Susan Dell Foundation sharing his ideas

Audience participation during the open forum
Audience participation during the open forum
Swaminathan S A Aiyar putting forward his thoughts P D Rai, Member of Parliament, Sikkim, identifying possible implementation hurdles to the RTE Act
SCC Team




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