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School Choice Campaign wishes Deval and Gaurav a wonderful life together, Congratulations!!!

Gift Deval and Gaurav what they really want; Children's Right to Education of Choice!

This December, we invite you to join us as we start on our life journey together. You have all been an integral part of our lives and your presence will make this event memorable.

This wedding is more than just the marriage of two people. It is the beginnig of a new chapter and you are all welcome to help us write it out. Our wedding website is there to refresh your memory and give you the background details (if you did not already know it).

The wedding will be in the city of Ahmedabad in India and the festivities will be spread over 4 days. The marriage will be on the 9th of December followed by Reception in the evening.

We hope that you will come and celebrate this joyous occasion with us.

Deval and Gaurav

Deval Shah - 001 (650) 353 8451; Gaurav Jain - 001 (865) 437 7603;
[email protected]

The School Choice Campaign currently funds 400 girl students in School Vouchers for Girls project through vouchers. These vouchers enable them to escape the crumbling government education system. For these poor students, vouchers have proven to be a tool of empowerment allowing them access to schools offering better quality education and enabling them to hold these schools accountable for performance.

Any amount contributed towards funding a school voucher will be appreciated. To get an idea of how much it takes to educate a child see the table below:
  • Per child for 1 year: INR 4000 ($84.00 approx)
  • Per child for 2 years: INR 8400 ($175.00 approx)
  • Per child for 3 years: INR 13250 ($275.00 approx)
  • Per child for 4 years: INR 18600 ($388.00 approx)

To gift Deval and Gaurav a school voucher through credit card, please fill following form:

Email id:

You can also make a donation by:
    • Sending a cheque
    • Wire transfer / Net Transfe
    Send your cheque in favor of :
    Centre for Civil Society

    Addressed to:
    Centre for Civil Society
    A-69, Hauz Khas
    New Delhi - 110 016
    Tel : 011 2653 7456, 011 2652 1882

    OR Wire Transfer/Net Transfer to
    HDFC Bank Ac No. 00321000114144,
    SDA Branch, New Delhi

    All donations are tax exempt U/S 80 G of IT Act

For further information please visit www.schoolchoice.in or contact us at [email protected]. We count on your support to better education opportunities for all children in India.
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