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400 girls from underprivileged community in North East Delhi were awarded vouchers worth upto Rs. 3700 per year
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Jan Sunwai on School Choice held in Ranchi on 03 October 2008

The first mega public hearing on School Choice in India. Jan Sunwai on School Choice held in Ranchi on 03 October 2008 attracted 4500 citizens from 6 districts of Jharkhand. Mr. Bandhu Tirkey, the Jharkhand Education Minister, has now announced School Voucher projects in 3 districts.


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"Jharkhand's Human Resource Development Minister, Bhandu Tirkey has announced Education voucher Pilot Projects in the districts of Girdhi, Dumka, Chatra and Hazaribagh....if the pilot projects are successful in these districts then vouchers will be implemented for schooling in the whole state...according to the voucher idea, the money being spent by the government will be directly given to the student and the parents, giving them the choice to select the right school..."
Prabhat Khabar, Ranchi-Patna, 7 October

"The idea of school choice is to give parents the liberty to choose schools for thier children..the parents will use education vouchers provided by the government for this...the government spends Rs. 850-900 per month per child..giving around half of this money to the parents will ensure better education for thier children..The Mayor Rama Khalko expressed her concern over the low literacy rates amongst girls...she further suggested the use of Vouchers as a possible solution"
The Times of India, Ranchi-Patna, 4 October

" The public demanded direct funding to parents instead of the schools at the public hearing for School Choice...through school choice the government would provide vouchers to the parents, empowering them to choose the right school for thier children..on the other end this systemnwill improve sservices by inducing competetion amongst schools"
The Telegraph, Ranchi, 4 October

"Padma Bhushan P V Indiresan - former director, IIT Chennai said that if the guadians get power in thier hands then the quality of education would definitely improve..giving the management of government schools into the hands of private institutions is necesssary to improve quality..."level of education is very low..." - Ajay Shahdeo, Deputy Mayor....Mr. Baladevan of CCS emphasised pushing the state HRD ministry towards a change in the education policy"
Pioneer, Ranchi, 4 October

"The children and parents in Jharkhand should get the right to education of choice…..they should be given education vouchers……to enhance the quality of education…this demand was made during the Jansunvai in Ranchi on 3rd of October"
Hindustan, Ranchi, 4 October

"My right , My Choice….give funds to the students…implement voucher scheme…empower the poor…Some issued dicussed during the public gathering at Ranchi on the 3rd of October"
Prabhat Khabar, Ranchi, 4 October

"Padma Bhushan P V Indiresan - former director, IIT Chennai - was there to speak at the public hearing on School Choice at Ranchi on the 3rd of October.....he said that teachers are not motivated even though the government pumps in money...he also emphasised on building ideal schools to provide quality education"
The Hindustan Times (Ranchi Live) - 3 October

What is Education voucher…What is School Choice about…Is the school choice idea against the government?..Who will get the vouchers?
Prabhat Khabar, Ranchi, 3 October

"The school Choice campaign an endeavour of CCS, the first of its kind, covered 18 blocks in 6 districts of Jharkhand in its first phase...3,18,000 people contacted and over 3,00,000 signatures colleted...The government should give the money it spends on schools to the parents...to provide right to education of choice to all"
Pioneer, Ranchi, 3 October



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